What to expect

My aim is to have a shared understanding of your problem and be able to tailor therapy to your individual needs. The first session will be an assessment which will involve asking you questions about your problem, the impact it has on your life and how it came about. I may also ask you about your background  to gain a fuller understanding of the situation.

From this I will work with you to formulate some goals. I will be using a wide range of effective and appropriate techniques to enable you to overcome your difficulties and empower you to make changes.

Depending on the setting of your therapy your sessions will be weekly, fortnightly or monthly. A common format is to start with weekly sessions to help establish the changes you need to make and then to space them out a little more to give you a chance to practice changes. However long it takes, the most important thing is that you are gradually moving towards your goals.

Making time to attend on a regular basis is important and a commitment to the therapy process will also ensure progress is achieved.

Homework is an essential part of CBT and you will be encouraged to work in between sessions. Homework tasks are agreed in session and will be appropriate to the therapy process and goals of therapy. Practice on tasks in between sessions will also help with a speedier recovery.

We will review therapy on a regular basis and this gives us an opportunity to see if we are on the right track to meeting your goals and needs and to review the therapeutic relationship.

If you are unhappy about how therapy is progressing or not progressing I would welcome your feedback at any time.

We can allocate time to discuss this during a therapy session.